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Seasons at The Market at Grelen

Timeless Beauty in Every Season

Spring in the orchard

Experience the ever-changing beauty of Grelen throughout the seasons, where nature paints a captivating masterpiece that transforms with each passing month. In spring, vibrant blossoms and fresh greenery awaken, adorning the nursery with a tapestry of colors and scents. Summer brings warm breezes and sun-kissed landscapes, offering idyllic moments for outdoor celebrations amidst the lush surroundings. As autumn arrives, the foliage sets ablaze with a symphony of reds, oranges, and golds, casting a tantilizing spell that adds a touch of enchantment to your wedding. Finally, winter blankets the nursery in a serene stillness, creating a whimsical atmosphere as evergreens steal the show. No matter the season, Grelen offers a captivating backdrop that reflects the ever-changing beauty of nature, allowing your wedding to unfold amidst a stunning tapestry of seasonal wonders.


April thru Early June


Dogwoods |  Redbuds |  Cherries  |  Peonies

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of spring at Grelen, where the landscape becomes a symphony of blossoms and a romantic oasis. Delicate cherry blossoms, vibrant dogwoods, and redbuds paint the trees in soft pinks and whites, creating a captivating display of nature's artistry. In mid-April, the enchanting Half Moon Garden becomes a botanical wonderland as Spiraea bushes explode in a cascade of white blooms, infusing the air with their sweet fragrance. And as May arrives, the landscape unveils another breathtaking sight: the blooming peony field. By hosting your wedding day amidst these captivating spring backdrops and capturing precious moments in photographs, you enhance the enchantment of your love story and evoke the undeniable magic that Grelen embodies.


Mid-June thru Mid-September


Daylilies | Butterfly Bushes| Hydrangeas | Lavendar

Summer at Grelen is a season of vibrant beauty, where nature paints the landscape in vivid hues. The daylilies sway gracefully, their vibrant petals welcoming the warm sun with splashes of color. Butterfly bushes flutter with the gentle embrace of butterflies, creating a whimsical atmosphere that adds an element of magic to your wedding day. The Annabelle and Limelight hydrangeas bloom in clusters of delicate whites, lending an air of elegance to the surroundings. Amidst this botanical symphony, the summer perennial garden, the Daylily field and the various abundant clusters of hydrangeas emerge as picturesque locations for capturing stunning photos. Embrace the summer season at Grelen, where the vibrant blooms and serene landscapes become the backdrop for a celebration of love and the creation of cherished memories.


Mid-September - Mid-November


Dogwoods | Ginkgo | Maples | Oaks

Fall transforms Grelen into a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colors, as the dogwoods, gingko trees, maples, and oaks burst forth in a symphony of vibrant hues. The landscape becomes a canvas of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, creating a mesmerizing display that evokes a sense of warmth and enchantment. The rustling leaves and the crisp autumn air add to the atmosphere of tranquility and romance. Amidst this natural spectacle, Grelen offers an idyllic setting for your fall wedding, where the beauty of the surroundings enhances the magic of your special day. Capture unforgettable moments amidst the rich tapestry of fall foliage, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Fall at Grelen is a season of wonder and natural splendor, where love and nature intertwine to create a breathtaking celebration of the season's beauty and the beginning of a lifetime of love.


Mid- November thru December & March - Mid-April


Holidays | Evergreens | Bark & Berries | Clear Views

Winter at Grelen is a season of enchantment and cozy celebrations, where the air is filled with a sense of joy and the surroundings exude a magical ambiance. As the holiday season arrives, the nursery becomes adorned with festive cheer, with Christmas trees illuminating the landscape and evergreen branches adorning the scenery. The clear winter skies create a stunning backdrop, accentuating the natural beauty of the surroundings. Embrace the warmth of your loved ones and the crispness of the air as you exchange vows or celebrate amidst the winter wonderland of Grelen. Capture moments of love and laughter against the backdrop of evergreens and twinkling lights, creating memories that evoke the spirit of the season. Winter at Grelen is a time of togetherness and cherished moments, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the magic of the holiday season, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.