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Every wedding at The Market at Grelen weaves a unique and captivating story, filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. It begins with the enchanting backdrop of our sprawling 1000-acre Tree Nursery, where nature's beauty unfolds in harmony with your love story. It is a story that intertwines with nature's elegance, embraces cherished traditions, and allows your vision to take flight in a setting that truly captivates the senses. From the first glimpse of the venue to the final farewells, each chapter of this extraordinary story unfolds in harmony with the natural splendor of Grelen, leaving an indelible mark on your hearts and a story that will be retold for generations to come.

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Prepare for your Market at Grelen wedding in utmost luxury and style, with a range of exquisite options to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience. Our newly renovated Magnolia Cottage at The Market sets the stage for an enchanting start to your day. The beautifully designed getting ready suites offer a haven of elegance, allowing you and your wedding party to relax, pamper, and create cherished memories before the festivities commence.  If you are staying at Boxwood Villa or Spotswood Lodge, these properties also make for stunning and convenient spaces to get ready, providing an idyllic backdrop for pre-wedding preparations and photos adding an extra touch of elegance to your wedding day. Whether you choose the Magnolia Cottage, Boxwood Villa, or Spotswood Lodge, each venue offers its own unique charm, allowing you to curate the perfect atmosphere for your pre-wedding moments.


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& Other Traditions

The Market at Grelen's natural beauty and serene atmosphere create the ideal backdrop for cherished traditions, amplifying their significance and infusing them with a touch of magic. Whether you want to capture the anticipation and excitement of seeing each other for the first time, embrace the Southern tradition of "burying the bourbon" to ward off rain on your wedding day, or exchange heartfelt notes and thoughtful gifts, Grelen's lush surroundings enhance these moments.  From the secluded corners of our gardens to the breathtaking views, every corner of Grelen offers a picturesque setting. Embrace these time-honored traditions and let our venue be the canvas for your unforgettable wedding experience, where love, traditions, and cherished memories intertwine to create an extraordinary celebration.


Immerse yourself in the captivating array of ceremony spaces at our venue, where possibilities abound to create a wedding experience that perfectly aligns with your vision. Choose the idyllic Berry Field or the charming Half Moon Garden, both beloved options that offer a picturesque backdrop for your vows. For those seeking a cooler retreat on hot days, the Shade Garden provides a serene and shaded oasis. Our newest addition, the Love Lawn, offers an expansive setting with breathtaking views of the nursery, reminiscent of the beauty found in the Berry Field. And for the adventurous souls, Bloomfield, nestled at the top of the Nursery, offers a truly breathtaking spot to exchange vows. In the case of rain or chilly weather, the Grelen Greenhouse presents an excellent alternative, providing a cozy option for a ceremony.   For bigger guest counts, the Orchard Overlook tent is quite elegant and can easily be transformed into a ceremony space if there is inclement weather.  These diverse and enchanting ceremony spaces not only provide you with the freedom to select the perfect setting that resonates with your desires, but It also provides last minute flexibility in the case of less than ideal weather.  Grelen's goal #1 is always to ensure that your wedding day is both magical and truly unforgettable, . 

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The Market at Grelen has an exquisite array of options for cocktail hour!  Experience the perfect pairing of the cool Shade Garden and romantic Half Moon Garden for your cocktail hour, where their individual charms harmonize to create a truly enchanting atmosphere. Together, these spaces create a seamless flow, inviting your guests to explore and savor the nature and beauty in each unique setting. Additionally, the Potting Shed area adds its own rustic charm, while the Bluestone Terrace, with its designer wrought iron patio furniture and breathtaking views, offers a more sophisticated setting.  Finally, the charming Pergola provides an intimate and cozy space, perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Regardless of where you choose to host your cocktail hour at Grelen, guests take a delightful journey through the spaces that surround The Market, leaving your guests enchanted and eagerly anticipating the rest of your celebration.

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